What is A Good Handheld Vacuum to Get Pet Hairs Off Furniture?

If you have a dog that inspects every part of your house every day, you must have a bad day seeing his hair all over the house.  You have sofa, television set, tables, chairs, dividers, stairs and so on in your house. There is a lot of places where pet hairs can be stocked. With this, you need to find a good handheld vacuum to get pet hairs off your furniture.

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Pets and how they mess

  • Fur is unlimited and if you do not have powerful enough vacuum then get ready to pick all over the corners, below your furniture and within the carpet. Pets don’t care if they are leaving marks on places they are laying;
  • Long-haired mess are easier to see. They produce furballs that are easier to pick-up. However, working with their fur using machine will get you in trouble as it wraps around the vacuum’s brushroll;
  • Short-haired is better but they still have hair and they are pet so expect to see translucent hairs.

Handheld vacuum for Pet or regular vacuum?

Most first time pet owners think that working with a regular vacuum is enough to clean pet hair. Yes, it can get those hairs out of your sight. But you will get in trouble in cleaning it as the cleaner sucks the hair. The pet vacuum is designed to suck up pet hair so it will not tangle. Pet vacuum also has silicon or softer bristle brush, better suction power and filtration system.

Features of vacuum to get pet hairs off your furniture

  • Suction power must be enough or higher to such the pet hair. The vacuum must give you flexibility and you can change the suction level depending on the areas where you want to deal with;
  • Filtration system must also have the ability to deal with pet dander;
  • Pets love to stay under furniture. So you must choose vacuum that lies flat;
  • Vacuum must be easy to control.

Brand and features of handheld vacuum for pet hair

  • Miele Vacuum Cleaner has HEPA filter and telescoping tube which is also lightweight and easier to work with;
  • Dyson have many available models for pet hair with a maximum suction level and self-adjusting head;
  • Hoover WindTunnel is light weight and bagless model which can be adjusted as high as 5. It has HEPA filter and brushroll control;
  • Bissell Pet Hair Eraseris also bagless but can be adjusted as high as 7 with different contour tool for furniture.

Buying hand held vacuum for pet hair

Purchasing the best vacuum that suits your need depends on your needs. Since you need one for pet hairs, and then look for vacuum that is capable enough to deal with pet hairs without sucking up. You must also find the product, model or brand with a reasonable price. For first time pet owners, it is advisable to seek for advice from family or trusted friends to give you real life experiences and comments about the equipment.

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