Handheld Vacuum Cleaner to Get Rid of Dog Hair in Your Car

If you love travelling with pet, you might be anger with pet hair dropped across anywhere in your vehicles. Pets are swine’s and you can’t stop them from leaving mess. They love to cling on you, to lay on your bed, to sit on the couch or to enter your car without worrying about their pet hair. Then don’t let their mess stop you from spending more time with them. Let the handheld vacuum cleaner do the job for you.

The Correct hand vacuum for pet hair

There are many vacuums available in the market but what you need to choose is the equipment that is designed to handle pet hair. A good hand vacuum for pet must has softer bristle brush or silicon made brush, higher suction power and filtration system. The normal vacuum is designed to clean dusts which are too tiny to get stacked on the vacuum brush. The pet hair, especially long-haired pets that drops unlimited hair usually wrapped around the brushes.

Things to consider when choosing a hand vacuum for Pet

Choose a handheld vacuum that is light and has a narrow end so you can work on the tightest area on your car. As mentioned, it must have soft brush to avoid sucking up those hairs. The motor must be powerful enough to get all those mess and it must go directly to the dust bag. It is advisable to deal with bagless canister so you don’t need to buy bags or clean it more often. The battery must also last longer as cleaning your car will take 15 to 30 minutes because even if your pet sits on the front, it doesn’t mean that hairs will not be seen all over the car. Most important is its filtration capability and the ability to deal with HEPA.

Pet hair vacuum brands and models

  • Dyson has one of the best premium vacuums for pet hairs that can be adjusted in different suction level as well as its head. It is versatile and one of the best for handheld as you can remove the vacuum sticks and directly attaches the tool to its body;
  • Black and Decker offer convenience working with tight areas on your car where pet hair might drop. Added to its best feature are the different brushes and a motor that consumes battery reasonably;
  • Bissell Pet Hair Eraser has a suction power that can be adjusted to a maximum level and has the ability to contour on edges within your car.

Getting a handheld vacuum to get rid of dog hair in your car

Cleaning the car isn’t easy. You cannot send it on the car wash every time either. What you need is your own vacuum cleaner designed for pet hair. There are many brands and models to choose from but if you still do not have an idea which to buy, then it is advisable to ask for help from your family or friends or anyone you know who has a dog. You can also read reviews, comment, forums and other product-rating websites where real people are sharing their experiences.

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