Handheld Car Vacuum – Main Consideration on Selecting the Right one

Uses & Main Considerations In Selecting The Right Handheld Car Vacuum

A handheld car vacuum becomes the ideal alternative to a large and bulky vacuum, as it is small, sharp and lightweight. These small handy vacuum can be used in hardly accessible places(e.g cars, furniture) without too much effort. Not only can they be easily carried around for outside cleaning, but also they can be used indoors for quick cleaning operations. All in all, what type of handheld vacuum you purchase is solely dependable on your personal necessities, as well as the environment. After all, most hand vacuum cleaners look quite similar if you take a peek at them. However, you will most likely notice a lot of specifications as you dig deeper.


The following are a few key points summarized to help choose the best handheld vacuum for your cars cleaning without much struggle.

Considering the suction power

For a lot of people, the first handheld car vacuum they purchase will cause a lot of frustrations. They initially assume that most of them are in similarity, so they prefer to selecting the cheapest model for money saving. While cleaning upholstery or car seats is not so hard, the real struggle occurs in case of cleaning the car floor. The importance of a high suction power comes up into the place, especially since dust and dirt tend to imprint in the floors. Although a high suction power inevitably adds to the weight, operating the vacuum will still be a fairly simple experience. After all, you do not need more than 15 to 30 minutes to thoroughly clean your car.

Analyzing the attachments

A good handheld car vacuum comes with all kinds of attachments and accessories. Most of them have crevice tools for hardly accessible areas. Some others also come with various brushes. What you need is to identify your needs before shopping, to make the difference between vital accessories and attachments that might be cool to have. If possible, you should get the required attachments in the same package. It is obviously more cost efficient than buying them one by one. Apart from crevice tools and brushes, extension hoses are among the most commonly needed accessories as well.

Assessing the battery life

Although cleaning your car should not take too long, it does not mean that you can overlook the battery life in a handheld car vacuum. Most of hand vacuum operate on batteries. They must be powered for at least one hour. If the battery performance is too poor, the suction power will drop off before you are done cleaning. Some vacuums are operated with electric power. Although you don’t have to bother with the battery lifetime using such type of hand vac, you have to require a power outlet nearby or at least an extender. It certainly restricts your movement range.

Ease of operation

Last, but not least, the handheld car vacuum must be easy to operate. You do not need a sophisticated product with all kinds of useless controls. Instead, you want a user friendly and intuitive operation. Emptying cups or replacing bags should not be too complicated either. Unless you can analyze the respective vacuum in real life or a local store, it might be a good idea to check out some reviews before making the final purchase.

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