Dyson V6 Trigger Review – The Truth About A Front Runner

Are you curious to find the best rated handheld vacuum cleaner? Learning from others’ experience might be the optimal way to make wise and informed decisions. At the same time, it is very important to research your necessities upfront. So why do you need a handheld cleaner? What do you expect from it? Ask yourself how often you need to use it, not to mention about the suction power and other relevant details. Dyson V6 Trigger is currently one of the most appreciated models in commerce. It comes with a series of features, but it also underlines a high rapport for price and performance.

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The new model is cordless and very lightweight. It does not weigh more than 4.6 pounds without any accessories at all. Even with all kinds of attachments, it is still highly usable and comfortable. The respective attachments are very easy to take on or off. The entire installation is a matter of seconds only.

Previously known as DC59 Animal, the rebadged model is less expensive, but it also misses some attachments. Basically, you only get a docking station, as well as a combination tool. Other Dyson models come with more parts, but they are also more expensive. All in all, the cleaning nozzle measures 10 inches in length. It does maintain a low profile though, so you can still fit it under furniture and other hardly accessible areas. After all, it is only 3 inches in height.

Maneuverability is piece of cake. Since the weight center is the one you hold, the rest of the handheld cleaner is very easy to push around, even when you use the wand. The responsiveness provides full control over the cleaning operations. It looks a little awkward to use the vacuum as a gun with a small trigger button, but this option does add to the efficiency.

Apart from the attachments, the bin also opens up with one button only. Emptying it can be done safely, without raising a cloud of dust around you. As for the actual performance, it is underlined by a V6 motor that works three times faster than other models. Moreover, it has 15 cyclones to draw the dust into the air before taking it in.


  • Comes with a combination tool for hardly accessible areas;
  • Emptying the dust cap is a very hygienic operation;
  • Very lightweight;
  • Ergonomic construction;
  • Able to capture fine dust;
  • Two different power levels;
  • Powerful suction;
  • 6 minutes on max speed and 15 minutes on high speed


  • Could have had more accessories;
  • Not the most impressive durability on a recharge, yet the suction power compensates

As a short final conclusion, Dyson V6 Trigger is clearly worth some attention. It is extremely well rated and represents a very solid option for those who need to clean their cars or those with kids and pets around. Tackling small cleaning operations has never been easier, while the triple suction power compensates for the low operating time.

Latest Dyson V6 Mattress Handheld Vacuum, FREE Shipping from Amazon

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