Dyson Handheld Vacuum Review – What To Expect Before Buying

The Dyson handheld vacuum is currently one of the most versatile alternatives to traditional vacuums. It is most commonly used to clean cars, but also for quick cleaning operations around the home or office. Furthermore, its sleek build makes it excellent for hardly accessible areas. What else should a buyer expect from it?

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Dyson’s handheld vacuum draws a lot of positive attention with its professional appearance. It looks professional, but it also feels very easy to hold and use. It is lighter than most other handheld vacuums and weighs around 2 pounds. Once you start using it, you will be surprised by its suction power. The vacuum is marketed to be two times more powerful than its competition. It is hard to measure, but it does, indeed, work faster than plenty of other reputable models.

The handheld vacuum has two suction models – high and maximum. The high mode ensures a top notch suction power for around 15 minutes. The maximum power goes even higher, yet it lasts 6 minutes only. It does not sound too impressive, yet the suction power compensates for the limited operation. Basically, you will not need more than 15 minutes to thoroughly clean your car. When it comes to small cleaning operations around your home, they become a matter of seconds only.

The Root Cyclone technology is patented and cannot be found in other products or brands. If you have used other handheld car vacuums before, you have probably noticed that they lose their power with time. You have to vacuum the problematic parts first, only to ensure that you can still target the cleaner ones as the power drops. With Dyson’s model, this type of attitude becomes history. The Root Cyclone technology maintains the exact same power throughout your cleaning operation.

Apart from a charger and an owner’s manual, the package includes a crevice tool for hardly accessible areas, as well as a brush tool. The respective brush can also be used as a debris nozzle tool. The 22.2V lithium ion battery makes it easy to recharge the unit. It recharges three times faster than other handheld car vacuums.


  • Very lightweight
  • Two times more suction power than other devices
  • 2 suction modes
  • Maintains the same power due to the Root Cyclone technology
  • Looks sleek and professional
  • Comes with extra accessories
  • Recharges three times faster than other devices
  • Durable
  • Easy to empty the dust and debris cup
  • Many extras available in commerce
  • Can be recharged in the car


  • Limited to 6 minutes of maximum power and 15 minutes of high power;
  • Trap door might catch dust and debris when emptying the cup;
  • Cannot be used while being plugged in

In conclusion, Dyson handheld vacuum makes an excellent option for regular cars, as well as homes with kids and pets around. Quick cleaning operations can be successfully handled with this sleek device. However, the limited operation does not make this vacuum a great option for large vehicles, like vans or trucks.

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