Dirt Devil Hand Vac Review – Changing One’s Perception Over Quick Cleaning Solutions

The Dirt Devil hand vac is one of the most unusual alternatives to the classic and bulky vacuum cleaners. It is among the best rated products in this category due to the high rapport for price and quality. It is not just cost efficient, but it also ensures a very efficient operation due to the wide plethora of features. However, knowing what to expect from it will open a lot of doors in the attempt to make a smart and informed choice. After all, just like any other appliance, this one is supposed to match your necessities.

Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick Flip Corded Bagless Handheld Vacuum, SD20005RED


The unusual appearance is the element that draws most of the attention. Practically, this handheld cleaner is different from those with sharp tips for hardly accessible areas. Instead, it has a wide opening, so it covers a wider area while cleaning. It comes in a few different models. Some of them come with crevice tools too, as well as dusting or sliding brushes. For this model, they must be purchased separately. Despite the wide suction opening, it can still access corners and tight areas.

Dirt Devil’s vacuum operates with a speedy brush roll. The rolling movement raises dust and dirt into the air, making small particles easier to get. Cleaning stairs or cars has never been easier. Once again, each version comes with a specific suction power. The model has a transparent cup that catches dirt and dust. Emptying it is piece of cake and does not imply making any efforts. Furthermore, the transparent profile makes it easy to spot things that you do not want thrown away, such as earrings or other small things. The internal filter is very simple to clean too. It can be rinsed, without having to use any detergents. Let it dry and put it back in. It is an excellent feature to keep dust from being blown through the back.

The power cord is built in and has a small storage room within the vacuum cleaner. It measures 20 feet, so you do not really need a power outlet or an extender nearby. It is long enough to go outdoors and handle your car seats and carpets as well. Although the cleaner looks bulky for a handheld device, it weighs less than 3 pounds.


  • Lengthy power cord
  • Reusable air filter
  • No bags
  • Powerful, yet very quiet
  • Innovative rotating brush that most other handheld vacuums do not have
  • One touch cup emptying
  • Wide opening for wide areas, like stairs and upholstery
  • Very cost efficient
  • Durable


  • No attachments included in the package, yet they can be purchased separately;
  • Slightly heavier than other handheld units;
  • Could use a battery too

As a short final conclusion, Dirt Devil hand vac is excellent for any household. While it does not have the power of a large unit, it makes a great tool for quick and small cleaning operations, as well as hardly accessible places – like closets or cars. It is a very helpful device for average homes, but mostly for families with kids and pets around.

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