Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Choose the Best One

Are you looking for a vacuum that can clean even the small or most awkward areas swiftly as well as conveniently? In such a situation, nothing can beat a handheld vacuum cleaner. On top of it, if the cleaner is cordless, there are no boundaries to its diverse uses. Also known as called cordless portable vacuum cleaners, the cordless handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal for small, quick cleaning jobs, such as cleaning the messy kitchen after meals of kids. As the name indicates, these cleaners have no power cord and operate on a rechargeable battery, making them not only flexible but also lighter and smaller in size.

How to Select the Best Cordless Hand Vacuum

Cordless handhelds usually have a capacity of half liters, weight around 1.5kg, and tend to operate for almost around 5 to 30 minutes when the battery is fully charged. They are quite cheaper than the standing cordless options. At present, several affordable handheld, cordless cleaners are available in the market, which can make selecting the best one a bit confusing.

Therefore, before looking at some reliable brands or models, let us look at the features that you should consider for fulfilling the determined purpose of having such a cleaner. As most cordless vacuum cleaners possess similar features, knowing about them in detail certainly helps in selecting the most suitable model as per the needs and budget.

Weight and Capacity

It is obvious that heavy, bulky vacuums trigger much pain or strain so quickly such that you cannot use them for a long period. It is recommended selecting a more lightweight model although it is likely to cost you more. However, it is worthy to invest more money in a cleaner, than in health treatment later. Such models are compact, which means that they do not have the capacity to accommodate much debris. Nevertheless, a few models come with larger cups and bins but they tend to be bulkier. This needs a thorough analysis of what is your priority: Cost or Size.

Battery Life

While a few cordless handheld vacuums run for only around five minutes, others run for 30 minutes or even more on a fully charged battery. Apart from that, a few models may get charged quickly, while some take their own time. Of the two, rapidly charging models are more efficient to save significantly on power bills. For a lightweight model, consider having a lithium battery instead of nickel cadmium or lead acid one.

Motor and Power

A cleaner is more powerful if it has more amps or volts, which is essential for activating as well as maintaining suction. Therefore, it is sensible to choose the most powerful model that may seem to work as a regular vacuum. To that, consider adding the power of two motors. Yes! A dual-motor design ensures higher effectiveness as well as efficiency.

Wet/Dry Cleaning

Most standard models can tackle dry debris but a few models can tackle even wet spills. It is actually risky to use a standard model for cleaning up such wet messes. Therefore, it is worth looking for wet and dry cleaner. Cleaners with such functionality allow toggling between the two settings through switch or automatic built-in function (no switch).

Attachments and Filters

It is wise to look for some useful types of attachments such as crevice tools, extension wands for ceiling cleaning, and upholstery brushes for a gentle swipe on delicate fixtures. While some you need to buy later, a few already come with the product, depending upon the manufacturer. Similarly, many models come with filters to prevent the release of fine particles into the air. Usually, HEPA filters are famous and Eco-friendly. For cost-effectiveness, it is recommended having washable filters in the chosen model.

Which Cordless Hand Vac Models Are Most Reliable

Considering the above buying factors in mind, we pick up a few of top rated cordless hand vacuum cleaner from, and write some brief review for each one. We hope to help you choose the best one for your cleaning needs without much struggle.

Black & Decker BDH2000PL

This is an upgraded version of the former Pivot handheld, as it uses 20-volt lightweight lithium battery, instead of the nickel cadmium one. Taking only two hours to charge instead of 16 hours and capable of running for almost 15 minutes, this cleaner weighs only 3 pounds, which is less than the former Pivot of 3.9 pounds. The model is likely to outperform the Dyson DC series at less cost but at more power of 35 air watts than the Dyson’s 28 air watts. Even the suction power is great to attract debris as long as the rectangular nozzle takes it inside. However, the dirt capacity is not that drastic and that it can make cleaning messy as you put your fingers inside to remove the filled dirt.

Dyson DC59 MotorHead

It is the latest Dyson model that is much more improved than DC59 and DC44. The most remarkable addition is the motorized brush head. Rather than belts for running the motor, the motorized brush sits beside a motor that results in almost more brush power by 75%. Further, due to the larger diameter of the brush, the user can deep clean a low pile carpet, floors (as stick), and stairs (as handheld). This is the biggest pro of this model; it is highly versatile! The model comes with attachments such as brush and crevice tools for cleaning diverse areas. The only con here is the price that is a bit high!

Dirt Devil Extreme Power Wet/Dry

This model comes with the most wanted wet/dry function for making cleaning a breeze regardless of the kind of spills or mess. Weighing only 3.2 pounds and operating at 15.6v, the model features retractable brush strip, quick flip crevice tool, on-board tools, and easy empty dirt cup truly big enough to accommodate lots of debris. The charger is wall mountable and delivers a long charge for quick cleaning of debris, especially spills by kids and pets. Even the price is affordable and that the model is not too big or heavy. However, suction might not be that great, which actually depends on what you are cleaning.

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